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Several fixes for 4.2 Maybe?

Alexander Scott

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Here are a few things I'd like to see in 4.2 since I don't think any of this will be done in 4.1.9 

all these suggestions actually existed in 3.4


Private chat logs: currently we can only view public chat logs and not private ones. If not since the PM Viewer application exists so should a private chat logs one. 

Login handler default group: in 3.4 we were able to choose the default member group for users that signed up with Facebook or Twitter, would love to see this back 

Full Body avatars AKA Big and Tall avatars:  in 3.4 I personally loved this 


would like to see it return as an optional feature.


Group format: The well known hook called Group format in 3.4 made your username the same color as your usergroup wherever you posted or your name was written. I feel like this should be optional like in the chat where we are allowed to format names or not. 


Out of all these the last one I suggested is the one I'd love to see the most. 

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