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  1. I've used IPB since 3.4.7 and one thing 3.x has that 4.x does not is replacing old statuses on the feed/block. If I post a status an hour ago then again, in the feed you can see my old status and my new one. I would like to see only the most recent status of that person on the side block.
  2. @Fnuxle I have a suggestion for both plugins. Is it possible to add an option for certain groups I choose to edit their custom group name and group format without an Admin needing to go to the ACP to do it for the user? I would really love it if it was possible and even would pay if these plugins cost due to these new features.
  3. Considering to purchase. However I wanted to know if this has the ability to Mass add points to all forum users like ibeconomy did or if it has it by groups at least @Mike John
    Amazing application. Recommend if you wanna restrict content so people join and interact.
  4. Hello, I assigned my super moderators (who have a bit of ACP perms) to fully manage clan wars, even though I gave them all perms for the application they can't add squads or do much of anything. When we were in 3.4.x in another forum we used the Tournaments by Midnight Modding and users were able to create their own squads now they have to wait till a admin is around and super mods who have ACP cant even do much. Pls fix this. my IPB is 4.1.11
  5. Some things to fix in the chat: ACP: Allow to filter chat logs by public, private and both like in 3.x Private chats: When a user private chats another on mobile they have to post a dot or character to scroll and see the reply. this doesn't happen however in public chat.
  6. Thinking of Purchasing soon. Is this working on IPB 4.1.9?
    Amazing. Working perfectly in 4.1.9
  7. Bump up topics works good with it too?
  8. No problem, let me know when its fixed.
  9. @newbie LAC I am considering to make a purchase. I wanted to know before buying if this is working on with 4.1.9
  10. Then I just wasted 5 Dollars since I can't have one or the other I needed both. And your Group name indicator plugin is naturally a must in my community.
  11. Hello, I have this issue going on, the plug in group name Indicator does not work if I have this plug in enabled. Can I get some help with this. Search bots enabled: Search Bots Disabled:
  12. I had downloaded my member list in .csv I then went to a Demo I created and imported those members. I like how it imported everything as I instructed it. However, the IP Address of each and every user was my own. I would suggest this to be fixed so that the member's original IP is used if it's possible.
  13. Here are a few things I'd like to see in 4.2 since I don't think any of this will be done in 4.1.9 all these suggestions actually existed in 3.4 Private chat logs: currently we can only view public chat logs and not private ones. If not since the PM Viewer application exists so should a private chat logs one. Login handler default group: in 3.4 we were able to choose the default member group for users that signed up with Facebook or Twitter, would love to see this back Full Body avatars AKA Big and Tall avatars: in 3.4 I personally loved this would like to see it return as an optional feature. Group format: The well known hook called Group format in 3.4 made your username the same color as your usergroup wherever you posted or your name was written. I feel like this should be optional like in the chat where we are allowed to format names or not. Out of all these the last one I suggested is the one I'd love to see the most.
  14. Wanted to inform when you merge 2 accounts the reputation does not merge but the posts do. the reputation is the same as the account you wanted to keep.
    I uploaded all the files correctly and nothing appears. Pls update. I'm on
  15. I have had some issues in IP.Chat where someone kicked another person and we didn't know who it was. Would be nice to implement a "Username Kicked Member" type of thing like we had in 3.4
  16. Hello, I have a community which is connected to Facebook. In 3.4.x we were able to choose which Default Member group a user that logged in with Facebook could be on. Sadly now it only takes them to the default member group and my staff must move them manually to the group we have for Facebook Registered member. Would like to see the ability to choose a default member group for each login handler namely Facebook and Twitter
  17. Regarding Avatar sizes, is there a way to make them look like this: http://imgur.com/HBObJIO this is from my 3.4.8 Forum. I'd like for avatars to be like that in topics for 4.1.7
  18. I am also from the same community as him and it's happening to me as well and anyone who has ACP access.
  19. Hello. I just installed this I wanted to know how could I make it for people to get points when they post in Forums I choose. Not all. @Midnight Modding
  20. I have 3.4.8 I'd like to know how to merge posts automatically when a user double posts. Thanks in Advance
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