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General Suggestion: Use MySQL's Features

Shariq Ansari

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Since IPS 4.X requires MySQL 5.X, why not start using some of its... features?

They exist for very good reasons, can solve myriad problems, and in many cases are preferable to AND more performant than PHP-based solutions.

What am I talking about, specifically?

  • How many views does the IPS 4.X database use?
    • zero
  • How many stored procedures does the IPS 4.X database use?
    • zero
  • How many triggers does the IPS 4.X database have?
    • zero
  • How many functions?
    • zero
  • How many events? (okay, these are newer to MySQL so I can't recommend them quite as much...)
    • zero

Granted, the IPS 4.X framework is flexible in OOP ways that MySQL-based solutions are not, and granted that starting to build RDBMS-specific features does potentially lock you in - although at this point, I'm not sure if that's a concern, since MySQL is required - but all things being equal, views, stored procedures, and triggers are POWERFUL tools, and they aren't being employed whatsoever, which somewhat cuts the teeth off the true underlying power of an RDBMS...

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