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Graphical Glitch - Overlap with Sidebar on

BRK Brandon

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When I add sidebar blocks to my main forums page, there is an overlap occurring to the top right corner. This is happening on the default IPS theme. I have tried disabling all third party applications and all plugins, but it hasn't helped. This happen in Firefox and Internet Explorer on my site, have tried several computers (IP by trade, have an entire office building full to try from)... When I use the same computers and same browser on this site, Invision, it does not happen. I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure this one out!

I am noticing this happens on all themes. Even if I generate a new theme with default settings or import a working IPS default theme from my test install. Whatever is triggering this is not happening within the actual themes. Happens with all third party apps disabled and all plugins disabled. As well as all advertisements disabled.

You can view a live version of my site, specifically the Forums page (only one this happens on) via the link here below. The default theme can be selected at the bottom of the page. Note: Seems to only happen when browser width is less than 1500 pixels.


Any help would be immensely appreciated!!!!

Here are the screenshots. My site first, Invision second. Note the highlighted area.




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32 minutes ago, opentype said:

It comes from these images you put it:


They force the main column to stay very wide, even if there is not enough space. 


The issue definitely goes away when i remove those! Odd though as until my latest upgrade I have always had those images and a sidebar, with no such issue.

5 minutes ago, Mark Round said:

its the padding on ips layout container

@Mark Round In combination with the images mentioned by @opentype? On the IPS default theme, which can be selected at bottom of page, it still happens. Padding is all default there.

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