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Members Complaining - Lack of view new content button


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My members are now complaining because they really loved the " view new content button" and the new Unread Content sucks according to them.  

Any ideas on how I can get the  view new content button front and center again for my forum members?


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On 11.2.2016. at 0:57 AM, chilihead said:

As admin you can make any stream the site default...and you can create that stream any way you like.

Yes, something like this:

Stream Title: View New Content
Show me: Content Items only
Content type: All Content
Tags filter: Do not filter by tags
Ownership: Everything
Read Status: Content I haven't read
Follow Status: Everything
Time Period: Any time
Sort: Newest activity first



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17 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

Except that it is not possible to make it as the old View new content - with pagination and easy one click, one page,view everything that has happened since last visit. As topic starter my users also complains - what to say?

Stream enhancements are coming soon according to staff, so let's hope some of these issues are addressed. You may want to read here:


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