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Of course you can! (I add them for lots of reasons).

Edit your theme > Core > Front > Global > footer > Change as you please. I recommend to find:

	{{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->canAccessModule( \IPS\Application\Module::get( 'core', 'contact' ) ) and !( \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->directory == 'core' and \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->module->key == 'contact' )}}
		<li><a href='{url="app=core&module=contact&controller=contact" seoTemplate="contact"}' data-ipsdialog data-ipsDialog-remoteSubmit data-ipsDialog-flashMessage='{lang="contact_sent_blurb"}' data-ipsdialog-title="{lang="contact"}">{lang='contact'}</a></li>

And add:

<li><a href="URL">Link Name</a></li>


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Most IPS4 custom themes have built in footer menus, allowing you to add/edit links and redirects within the footer.

Currently, I see you are using the IPS default theme/skin - Do you plan to stick with this one or go to a new theme? If you go to a new thing, more than likely a footer will be included. For example, check out my footer - http://www.projectgaming.net/forums

@jacboy, Hope this helps you.

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