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Creating a new articles style i need help


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im trying to create a new style to show my articles just like these ones which comes with Pages  Untitled20160211021616.png.7af349413ba0a

I created a database Featured Records template just others and i have assigned to my articles databaseUntitled20160211023029.png.1c4c579407703 

So now i have edited the index template like for example here http://hellshammers.net/articles/ you can see the featured article is on left side and other articles are vertically listed in right side

now i want to edit the title, content, image... and others and these codes are all in the Entry template but nothing happens when i edit it, i have even tried to delete everything from the Entry template still nothing happens looks like its using the default entry template for my databse and not the one i created? i can not edit it 

any idea what do i do wrong here? 

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