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Innodb on all tables ?

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I am testing for a new installation of IPB4 and started with a fresh install.  I am using Mariadb 10 on a 4GB,2-Xeon,SSD VPS. I wanted to use innodb so I tried to convert all tables of the fresh database from MYISAM to INNODB.  For 2 of the tables (cms_databases and cms_page_widget_areas) this is not possible as I get an SQL Error 1071: "Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes ".  I am using utf8mb4.  I found some info via google on this error. Maybe it can be solved by enabling innodb_large_prefix setting, but I do not want to change things too much to have a risk of incompatibility in the future.  So I like to keep the IPBoard installation as simple as possible but with good performance.  So like to know what others use, which tables do you have changed to innodb.  This (now VB3.8) forum is not extremely busy, usually around 10K visitors a day and normally about 400 users online during peak hours and about 500K posts.

What would be your advise:  stick with MYISAM, change to Innodb and if so what tables.  If all tables are advised, then how did you solve the 767 bytes error ?

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