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  1. Do you mean that your have added the referred domains in "Settings->Posting->URLs->Domains....to follow" ?
  2. I started this bug report: @Matt closed this bug report and commented: There have been more discussions on this topic, but I did not see a bug-report. maybe it was also removed. Off-course it is not a real "bug causing the forum not to work", but the way this function is designed now, it will always proxy an external image, even if it is from a https-source. I think the change should be: check if the "image URL" is "http://" -> then operate as it is now. If URL is "https://" just do nothing. The main reason for this proxy function is browser-errors if you operate a https forum with mixed content. Nowadays (with letsencrypt) every forum can (should) use https so I think it is important to avoid 'mixed content'. Reason for this request: It will save traffic and server resources and I do not like to serve too much (external) images as 'our images' to visitors. There could be a legal issue in some cases (copyrighted and inappropriate pictures), so I prefer to have "quoted pictures from other sites" as many as possible instead of serve them as 'my own' pictures. I am not a programmer myself, but I think this change should not be too difficult and if you make the 'https" check configurable also people who like to always proxy every picture are happy.
  3. That's what I did at first, but when clicking on 'continue' I got the same screen again telling me that HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php is not the correct version and upgrade is not proceeding. There is a difference in the file which is in the full installation package compared to the installed version. I did not try to stop the upgrade and use again the /upgrade url. But the new file works and as it is in the full-install-package it is probably forgotten in the upgrade file-set.
  4. I'm running PHP 5.6.19 with MariaDB 10.0.24 and had this on both my testforum as normal forum.... (and only on this 4.1.11 upgrade, not on 4.1.10 upgrade)
  5. That's not enough, the 'new' version of HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php is not included in the upgrade files. First (after the automatic upgrade stopped) I manually downloaded the upgrade package but I had the same error. I found that HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php is not in that .zip file. Then I downloaded the full package and manually copied HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php (dated april 25, 08:36) and after that the upgrade can continue.
  6. I know how to use .htaccess (or the way I have to do this in my nginx server), but I was wondering if I could use both https and http at the same time. Will this interfere with internal cache or other things ? So people who connect to the http version will get the same as when they connect to the https version ? I have my test-forum running on http now and after I changed this to https I got all kinds of errors, so I had to swich-back to http-only as I could not login anymore. So I wondered if I needed to change something in settings, I could only find a setting for login via https or http (did not change my problem), but nothing for normal board settings or friendly-URL's. Will they auto-follow when the forum is called via https url ? Regarding the 'mixed content' warnings: are they not solved when using the new https-image-proxy ? Or will this only work on new posts ?
  7. I want to change my board to https. I have tested the setup, but I see some strange things happening when using https://. It seems that some links to subforums do not work anymore. Do I need to change anything in the forum-settings ? Or do I have to clear cache or change friendly URL setting ? Is it possible to use http and https at the same time or do I need to choose either http or https setup ?
  8. Any ETA on converters from other forumsoftware directly to 4.x ?
  9. I noticed that there are no member pictures when viewing a forum topic list from an Ipad-2 in Landscape mode. Is this a bug ? (When viewing the same page in portrait, or in smaller smartphone resolution and full-screen pc mode pictures are visible) See the example screens: full-screen: Ipad Landscape mode: Ipad portrait mode: Smartphone size :
  10. Do you know if you actually miss 200+ members or is this just 'garbage' from the converters ? Do these accounts also have posts ? If so, then you maybe can search for text from these posts in your old installation to see which member account it was.
  11. Is it also possible to have IPB4 redirection scripts for sites converted from Vbulletin 3.8 ?
  12. ​What will be unavailable when these processes are not yet finished ? Just statistics or also topics/messages ? And if so, will the newer topics handled first ?
  13. I had similar problems with css with nginx/centminmod. It also started with missing css, but later I had more php errors causing a admin login-failure. This was caused by centminmod 'igbinary' setting which was not compatible with some IPS4 database tables. I don't know if this is already fixed in RC6, but in case you have igbinary 'on' you may have the same cause ? See my messages in this topic for more info how to solve this and what database columns are involved.
  14. IPS has also solved the issue so igbinary can be used, When you change some database tables it will work with igbinary 'on' too. You need to make the core_sessions.data and the core_sys_cp_sessions.session_app_data columns BLOB rather than TEXT. This will be done automatically in the next release according IPS support. I do not know in what version it will be fixed. RC5 did not have the change yet. Otherwise just change the database columns manually.
  15. For readers with the same problem: It took some time, but IPS support found the reason: the default setting in centmin mod php-fpm "session.serialize_handler=igbinary" seems to be not compatible with IPS4. Changing this to "session.serialize_handler=php" solved it. This setting is in /etc/centminmod/php.d/igbinary.ini
  16. I have done a test-upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4RC2 and upgraded later to RC3 on a centminmod Centos server with nginx and it worked normally for a while, but sometimes after I logged in to the admin panel I had no css, so only text in the browser, with an error message. After a page refresh the normal admin screens appeared. But on the moment I only see the 'text' version of the admin-screen and no further commands are accepted. The user-website works fine, even when I login as admin, but as soon I choose AdminCP I have this error. AdminCP opens the following url: http://mytestserver.com/admin/?adsess=bkdl0o16d53rdj8k33v21tefn2&#content And the text version opens. At that moment there is an error message in the php-fpm error log: [27-Feb-2015 19:15:04 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\_Db::$multitons in /home/nginx/domains/mytestserver.com/public/system/Db/Db.php on line 98 I could just re-import the database and redo the conversion from 3.4.7 but I like to know if this is a known issue just in case I will end up here again during the conversion of my live-site in a couple of weeks/months....
  17. Did you read this topic ? I had the same css issues as you describe and solved it by following the steps in the second part of the post: Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board. After those steps it worked for me.
  18. ​I started with (in first post) 'step one' and both original and mirror sites looked exactly the same, also after utf-8 update of mirror-site in 3.4.7. I did not expect all the template rebuilds etc. were needed, as this was a default 3.4.7 install with only a few posts in one forum and only 2 users. So I followed your guide in the second part of the post, and now the problems seem to have disappeared. I have a 'normal' start-page now and will start testing and learning before converting my main site. Thanks for the hints and your guide !
  19. ​I seem to have the same problem .... Updating a working (test) install with one test forum, 2 users, and a small database on localhost via wamp. Working on 3.4.7. After converting and installing 4.0rc2 I end up with the same, Also when clicking on the links, I get a 404.... Only ACP links seems to work, but only text. Before testing with my 'normal' forum I like to test the upgrade process. As I can only have one test-install (which I use for my 'normal' board) I am trying to make a localhost test setup with wamp. Could this be the reason ? Maybe I should try a locahost testinstall via linux on a vmware local installation ?? Or is there a bug in the upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4rc2 ?
  20. ​About 75.000 members and around 500.000 posts....
  21. ​But updating via 3.4.7 to 4.0 from VB3.8 means a very long conversion time for a large forum community. This route means double of the conversion time and maybe a couple of days offline ?? I would like to have a CLI version of the database converter, that should work much faster than the php-update process (??)
  22. :question: :angel: please ...
  23. Why did you use Conversion v3.3 for Board ?? Do you mean that v3.4 has disadvantages for VB3.8 forum conversion ?
  24. @DawPi: I tested on 3.4.4 and it seems to work fine with "normal" (free text) fields now. But it does not work with the drop-down boxes, even if an empty field is selected in it. :sad: Is it possible to update this mod so drop-down boxes also work (when you have time) ? I like to use it for fixed entries my users have to choose from.
  25. hmmm.... I tested it on 3.4.3 (see my message #36) and I do not see a warning when a custom profile field is not filled. Do you use the default template to test it ? I will upgrade my test-installation to 3.4.4 and see if it works there. Also still have the question on drop-down boxes, will it work for that ?
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