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Multiple option display for custom profile field


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When creating a custom profile field, I can select Checkbox Set to allow multiple options to be selected. I'd like to know how should I edit the Display Format so that in the profile fields next to posts, only the selected options would be displayed (I'm trying to display icons based on selection). The selected options show up fine on member profiles, but that's apparently because option values are used instead of Display Format. Right now, whenever anything is selected, it will basically take whatever is in the Display Format and display as much as it possibly can. It seems to ignore any kind of php code. It was really simple to do with databases, because the display box there allows use of php in a style of {{}}, so when dealing with a multiple option parameter, I just analysed the string it created and displayed what was selected. This doesn't seem to be the case here.

Since I'm trying to display icons for each selection, I also tried putting the <img> tags directly as options. It shows up perfectly when editing the setting on a profile, but it completely fails to render the image when displaying it next to content or on profile. I guess this is due to security reasons.

But how can I achieve it then?

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