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PageSpeed Mod and Quick Reply

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This is for version 3.4.8.

Just installed Mod Pagespeed (nginx) and having an issue with the 'quick reply' box for topics. When a member writes their post and clicks on the 'post' button, it seems like nothing and it their post hasn't been submitted but when in fact it has. If they refresh the page, there post is there. The problem is that this is intermittent and infrequent and hard to debug.

I believe this is a caching issue and it only happens when PageSpeed Mod is enabled. At first I believed it to be:

 pagespeed EnableFilters extend_cache;

But, it is still happening.

I also added the following to the config, but still happens:

pagespeed Disallow "https://example.org/admin/*"; 
pagespeed Disallow "https://example.org/*do=quote*"; 
pagespeed Disallow "https://example.org/page/index.html";

Any help with this would be great.


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