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Editor keyboard shortcuts


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If we're waving a long goodbye to BBCode, could we get some better shortcuts and make sure people know about the ones we have - mouseover the B, I or U button and it just tells you 'bold, 'italic' or 'underline' - why not take that opportunity to point you they can use CTRL+B, etc, as a a shortcut? 

Links and quotes are my main bugbears at the moment. How do we do these without resorting to the mouse or BBCode?


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So what you should really ask for is:

"Dear IPS - for your plugins that replace native ckeditor plugins (for example, ipslink and ipsquote etc), could you please implement a corresponding keyboard shortcut that will allow those to be called without the need to click the button.

In the event that this is implemented, but then someone chooses to add one of those native plugins back to their ckeditor configuration (and thus claims back one of the default shortcuts) could you also provide a method that would allow an admin to configure these via the ACP.

For example - the native link plugin uses Ctrl+L as a shortcut. If that is overridden (see here for the code to achieve this) so that Ctrl + L is used for ipslink instead, we could then override it again to allow CTRL + SHIFT + L instead (see that thread again)



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