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IP.Gallery Saving Images Move to Back-End

Joel R

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I upload images to the server.  That takes time, but I understand since I need to upload.  

Then the server uploads images to AWS, which takes more time.  For this step, I don't understand why it takes my time.   I'm essentially babysitting two upload queues.



  • At the very least give me a desktop notification that the "Saving Images" step is complete.  I don't sit around to watch my images get uploaded to AWS.   
  • An even better suggestion is to move this step to the back-end.  After Step 3: Add Information, post the photos from the server onto the website, then let a back-end process move them slowly to AWS.

My main concern with all of this is my time and it makes me genuinely disgusted with IP.Gallery.  What used to take me (graciously) 30 minutes in Coppermine Photo Gallery now takes me 6 hours in IP.Gallery.  Uploading to IP.Gallery is grossly inefficient, since you can only upload through the browser / front-end and you need to babysit the "next" "continue" "okay" and all of the small options that are available at each little step.  

What I really want is the following:

  • I upload.  
  • I leave.
  • I come back.  Edit album information, album permissions, batch edit file information.

In contrast, this is the workflow for IP.Gallery:  

  • Edit album information
  • I upload
  • I leave
  • I come back.  Edit file information
  • Server uploads
  • I leave
  • I come back. 
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