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IPS Status Updates Widget Glitch


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I'm running into a problem with the built-in widget for Status Updates that seems to be affecting my community. I've been using the sidebar plugin created by IPS that's built in to the IPS4 suite but every so often, members can't post via the plugin. It's like the editor that allows users to post status update via the plugin becomes disabled and I can;t figure it out. Even running the 'support' feature to recache the software won't fix the problem and I've tried multiple web browsers and multiple solution such as cleaning out the browser cache and whatnot.

I'm wondering if there is a bug or glitch in the status updates plugin.

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@Fredss, was able to find a solution to the problem with some direction from IPS Support. They took a careful look at my forums and discovered that the login handlers (facebook, twitter, google) were allowing inactive registered members to post status updates without having to log into their forum accounts on my site. Once IPS Support hinted that this might be causing the problem, I disabled the login handlers for social media and the problem went away. Members who were inactive (hadn't logged into their accounts for several years) were no longer posting through the status update widget. Another reason I disabled the login handlers was that I was seeing more registrations where users could bypass without selecting a username.

But, if you disable facebook and twitter logins, you should no longer have this problem:

ACP > System > Settings > Login Handlers

I plan on submitting this as a possible bug and hopefully IPS can disable the ability for inactive members to post via the status updates feature by using their facebook and twitter accounts.

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