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What to clean out


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First I want to say I have been really critical of 4.x and for that I would like to apologize. I also want to say thank you to Ryan Ashbrook for his timely assistance. Old Goats tend to resist major change but if it is for the better then maybe I need to get with it.

I have managed to upgrade my test site to 4.x it is simpler it seems in the management. The ACP if friendly enough. There are a few things I will miss like post preview, and the Youtube thing I hope to figure out.

What I would like to find out is since the upgrade what items can be removed. 

  • Since all the hooks seem to not work anymore can the "hooks" directory be removed?
  • Tables relating to any old hooks applications and such should be safe to remove also? (No longer needed)
  • Are there any other directories that can be safely removed that are obsolete after the upgrade. 
  • I didn't see a warning so assume there is nothing we need to remove or lock as far as an installer after upgrading for security sake?

I'm going to give it a whirl with 4.x and hopefully over the next few months I will make the move on my Main site.


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Thanks Woodsman, that is a great article you did on that. I have used your article before and really appreciate the detail you put in it. I have my main board (3.4.8), and a back up of it stored on my server in case I need it. I have just converted my Test site to 

I am trying to figure out if simply deleting the "hooks" directory is okay since none of them work anyway. 

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Anything not converted by 4.1 should be safe to remove...

If you are a bit leery you can also create a temp directory and drop them in without deleting yet.... Go through your site if there are no breaks it should be safe to delete them....
But you should not have any issues being 3.4.x themes and hooks are not compatible with 4.0 or 4.1 anyway...

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