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IPS 4.1 Theme (default)


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@HrdcoR-H, put in a support request. What you're going to find is that you're going to run into problems in the future because I ended up deleting the default master template back when I was running IPS3. At some point, I ran into problems when it came to editing skin templates, installing new templates and installing plugins and managing them. After getting nowhere, I asked IPS for some assistance and they discovered that I had deleted the master template (the original default IPS theme) and that simply creating a new default template wouldn't fix the problem. They ended up rebuilding the default master template and marked the template with a 'do not delete' message attached to the template.

With IPS resetting everything back to "0" for IPS4 for template installations, I decided to mark the default master template as unavailable to use and simply created a new default template that I could edit to my heart's content. But, I would seriously ask IPS Support for some help if you deleted the original default template that came with IPS4.

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