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In a normal environment, I think something like this would be a really neat community participation tool. At IPS, however, only ~5% of our client base frequents this community. Those users tend to be either the power users or the folks quite passionate about their communities. Some ideas and feedback apply universally; like YouTube embedding. Whether the site is large, small, hobby or corporate, we've gotten feedback that folks don't like having to hit enter to embed. So, we've listened and will be addressing that in a future release. 

Other ideas, however, may get strong support for something on the community, but be disliked by the average clientbase. Example: the upgrade banner. We've had hundreds of "I've been hacked" tickets and just as many angry "why can't you let me know on the front-end that a security update is out??" We do that and we have people on this community who are more apt to spend larger amounts of time in their ACP, angry because it's intruding on the front-end. 

The point is, as with anything, human nature dictates we try to rally support for ideas we feel strongly about. You can have 80% community support for a feature, but that doesn't necessarily make it into the product because only 3% of the client base is being represented. Our job at IPS is to absorb and parse the feedback from all mediums (sales calls, enterprise, support and community) to find a solution that's going to benefit the most clients and end-users. 

I don't want to say this isn't a democracy as the input is critical to the growth of our product, but at the same time, voting on features on this community is akin to declaring a winner in a local election with only one precinct reporting. You're not getting the full picture - so it's our job to tally the feedback. :)

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