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4.1 url shortening


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I've noticed that full urls copied into Facebook page posts do not direct properly either on my site.

So if I link to a blog post, Facebook will send me to the main forum index, I have to use a url shortening service to get it to work properly. 

Would be cool to have some sort of function built-in.

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In 3.x , IPB shotred long urls automaticly. In 4.x, it doesnt do that. 


If i pasted www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvouisdybvcnbcbcvbcbcbcvbcbvcouyasbvcouysadbvouhsabvoliasdbolibdsauhdcbhbysbcksuybdckusdybcdkusdybkvuybskxduyzvbsdkuyvbksduz.org

 ipb showed it in post like  www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvo....org

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