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BBC not working


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When posting media videos from facebook it creates a hyperlink instead of using the media bbc. Same with pictures. Also, I noticed emoticons do not bbc unless you select it from the emoticon menu.



: ) does not convert to a smiley face.

www.youtube.com/video/39128mkhe3 turns into a hyperlink instead of inserting it into a

www.imagelink.com/image/giraffe.png displays the hyperlink instead of inserting it into a [image]

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Press the enter key after you enter each one.

:) plus enter


However....www.youtube.com/video/39128mkhe3 won't convert even if you do that. Insert http:// before it, then enter straight after it, and it will then attempt to submit but will the fail because it's not a link to a video.

This is a valid video link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMGkSIXHCb0 + enter.


And the same for the image link - www.imagelink.com/image/giraffe.png isn't a valid target, even when you put the http:// in front of it and press enter. It leads to a page not found on the site.

If those items above are just examples to illustrate your issue then the simple answer is press enter.


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