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Browser notification options should be per-device


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I don't want to be woken up because I left my phone (which was on do not disturb mode) is polling the server to check for new notifications, then playing a sound when there is one (and yes, I am speaking from experience). Also, I want to retain the battery, and the data cap, of my phone, so I would really appreciate the option to not poll for new replies in the background for that device, while still getting live updates on my computer.

Also, I don't like the way that if you haven't enabled desktop notifications for that device, you are prompted every page load. IMO, it should prompt on the first page load, then if it isn't explicitly accepted, it should just become a button, potentially in the footer, to enable it. That way, if someone dismisses the dialog rather than opting out of all notifications from that site, they aren't subject to a poor user experience.

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