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Pro Gamer 4.1 (support topic)

Mark Round

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hey man nice theme and love it but i have one request, is there any way i can make it full screen? if i could have this option i would be set! I have many requests for full screen as my default theme is so switching to this makes them unhappy lol. can ya help me out?  I have your black ops elite as well and want it full screen to lol sorry forgot about it. if not full screen the size of IPBoard would be nice as well, just to skinny

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thanks man!!!

OH MY!! the images take up my entire screen they have to be smaller i have a 27" lcd


i disabled them for now, but i do have a question about chat box  http://roughnecksxvmmods.ipbhost.com/index.php?/  you will have to set to your theme till im done editing

can you go and type in a message for chatbox and see how dark the text is is there a way to maye it  brighter?


found a bug though look at screenshot



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@Mark Round - There seems to be a few bugs remaining.

(Block) * Home has a white background, as does the welcome to pages.

Notification/Messages/Reported Content
* The css contains white parts which looks a little ugly


Is there any chance you could add a better way to select the themes background?

Perhaps a toggle at the top nearby the notification icon.

Also, can you make the 'Start New Topic' more in-keeping with the theme?

No doubt an awesome theme though buddy.

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Hi, download the file from the link on the file page then unzip the contents , there will be two versions of the vile with different settings. Upload the file of your choice from your admin panel under the themes tab click add theme then upload it directly.if you need any assistance let me know or shoot me a private message.

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