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  1. is there a download counter setting or a mod/addon that can be installed that will show how many times a attachment or zip etc is downloaded?
  2. hey mark noticed yesterday if using your theme post dont show up even though they say theres a new post in a thread if you go there the post is like hidden, if you switch to default theme the post show up. just letting ya know
  3. thanks man!!! OH MY!! the images take up my entire screen they have to be smaller i have a 27" lcd i disabled them for now, but i do have a question about chat box http://roughnecksxvmmods.ipbhost.com/index.php?/ you will have to set to your theme till im done editing can you go and type in a message for chatbox and see how dark the text is is there a way to maye it brighter? found a bug though look at screenshot
  4. hey man nice theme and love it but i have one request, is there any way i can make it full screen? if i could have this option i would be set! I have many requests for full screen as my default theme is so switching to this makes them unhappy lol. can ya help me out? I have your black ops elite as well and want it full screen to lol sorry forgot about it. if not full screen the size of IPBoard would be nice as well, just to skinny
    love it but everyone wants it to be full screen, any way to make it full screen?
    works good but only lets me do two max for for members, i have 3 owners and wont let me do a custon one for the 3rd owner so he is with a group staff. if i do a group for owners it takes away the custom badge for the other two owners. i have sent a support email and asked question how to fix but no answer back yet. i dont think its worth 10.00 if you cant offer support
  5. will we loose all our topics pics forums etc
  6. yes mine did the same when i installed the image slider i uninstalled the slider and everything worked fine after that
  7. http://roughnecksxvmmods.ipbhost.com/ you will have to choose the theme at bottom, i would like to change the background as well to a tank image what file can i change? but first the icons thanks man
  8. how can i change the background with an image? and the forum icons are blank as well where can i assign an icon to them?
  9. so how do we fix the above errors as i have them to
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