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Gettign error with new 4.1 upgrade, unable to proceed


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So I'm getting the following error during my upgrade and unable to proceed with the full upgrade/installation:


Some of the files were not as expected. They may have been manually modified or not uploaded correctly.

  • /home3/ohiocannabis/public_html/forums/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/DeleteOrMoveContent.php


Looking into that specific directory of the download (which I've downloaded twice now) that file does not exsist?


Anyone have any idea on why or what to do or where to get the file?

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Ok, great thank you.  The upgrade was successful this time.

I was given the following "recommendations"

    You are running PHP version 5.4.45. While this version is compatible, we recommend version 5.5.0 or above.
    You do not have the cURL PHP extension loaded or it is running a version less than 7.36. While this is not required, it is recommended.
    You are running MySQL version 5.5.42-37.1. While this version is compatible, we recommend version 5.6 or above.

Who do I/how do I get these things updated as well?  Is that something hostgator customer service would do for me since they're my host?



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Ok I'm getting ready to move the site over from a shared account to a VPS so I have full root access.  Once the move is completed (and hopefully nothing is lost in the process) I will address those concerns with them, thank you.

Is there any type of backup within the IPS suite to safeguard my data during a move such as mine going from a shared host to a VPS?  They are on different servers and hostgator says since they are different servers they can't gurantee there is no data loss.

But obviously a complete backup should safeguard me in this regard and I know I can do that within the hostgator cpanel, just didn't know if there was anything inside of the ACP?

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