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Updates: "Manual Action Required"


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I have an IPS board installed on my server -- and updates have been working smoothly when I do the normal manual updates (by downloading from client area and then FTP'ing to my server).


But is it possible for the board to update automatically now?  It seems like the recent versions have the capability to download updates automatically and install them...  But when I get to "Step 3" it downloads & expands the files and then says:

"Manual Action Required"

And I know how to install it manually...

But what's preventing "Step 3" from installing it automatically?  Do I have folder permissions set incorrectly for the automatic install to work?  Or is the automatic install not fully implemented yet?

Mahalo nui loa! :)



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Yeah, I just did the upgrade.  Downloaded, FTP'd files, then went to xxx/admin/upgrade and it installed very well.  Seems a slight glitch in automated processing and could just be folder permissions or some other slight issue.  Anyway, I got it to work using the method above, hope it helps.

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12 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:


There may be times that the auto upgrader can't work due to folder permissions, we're working on an alternative method for these situations.

Please see:  https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/knowledgebase/automatic-upgrader-failing-r194/

Thanks Stewart -

Could you give us a brief overview of the permissions the upgrade system expects for the automatic install?  Or just the most common issue with the permissions?

It must differ slightly from the permissions recommended in the installation instructions.


I'm very familiar with setting up permissions and configuring servers.  I just need a sense of what the IPS updater is expecting so i can adjust it.


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