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3.4 to 4.1 Upgrade Query


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The platform is now at the point (and I now have the spare time) where I will be looking to upgrade my community. I have played locally for a while with various installs as far as making applications, plugins etc.

Now I will be looking to create a test install on the web server and go through the upgrade process using duplicated data. I am fine with replicating the database etc but my query relates to the actual website data. 

So are the 'downloads', 'uploads' and 'screenshots' folders actually needed anywhere in the upgrade process. Duplicating over 800GB of data for a simple test install is rather allot of hassle, especially if I have to do it multiple times. I understand not moving it will display broken images but I am generally trying to get a feel for if it will disrupt the upgrade process.


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@Rugger -

The answer is Yes... If you are planning on replicating your existing forum site then all those directories you mentioned will be needed along with the conf_global.php file.

The aforementioned directories will be needed for any and all  IDM downloads and corresponding images during and after the upgrade. With the exception of screenshots,  this folder can be removed after the upgrade is complete.

Good Luck and Have fun Upgrading!

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