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Gallery Issue

Victor Fedorenko

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22 minutes ago, Paul.F said:

Go to the following:

Admin page - System - System Check, see if there are any issues.

Maybe you mean to check the error file?

And second issue are show now... When try to add file in my download page I get this

Sorry, there is a problem

You are not allowed to upload files to this category.

Error code: 3D286/1

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Latest messages in error log are about the second issue with file upload in downloads....

I tested now and for my forum. Is the same issue, cant click on category.....



Like you say bro its a permission problem, but how is come and how i can fix it.... so strange....

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On 11/22/2015 at 6:59 PM, Victor Fedorenko said:

And another gallery issue. The error in upload images still not fixed.... but some times when dont get this error I get


Saving Images

Your images are being stored, please wait...




but wait and wait and wait...... and nothing. Doesnt finish....

I'm also having this trouble

On 11/23/2015 at 8:24 PM, Joel R said:

Some tips in no particular order: 

Remove orphaned images

Check file storage settings

Clear both browser and software cache 

None of this worked.

Sometimes when waiting long enough the page loads a bunch of this : " PNG IHDRn>@ IDATx\ٮdv6Vj//2A!$hJECz0l %Ðd&E%/YVVvDݭّ*P]Vך͘ci~K "  looking all jarbeled such as when loading an image into a .txt file.

And the url displays: index.php?/gallery/submit/&_step=process&mr="MQ=="

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