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Firstly, I would like to thank @Mark for upgrading my site (along with staff before hand who helped with the perpetration). I would also like to point out I expected to encounter issues, which is the reason why I requested to have the upgrade carried out by professionals - after I botched up a test upgrade.

I also realise you guys are extremely busy.

However, I don't quite agree that once the upgrade is carried out - support is then stopped and the customer/client is required to open a ticket in order for issues to be solved, especially when it's directly related to the upgrade itself. I guess, you have people who perform upgrades like Mark and that is the task in which is given but I find it a bit disappointing that I haven't had any correspondents since.

I'd be more than happy to wait, however some of the issues such as matters effecting IP.Pages is resulting in my site becoming slow and this effects other sites I have on my VPS account.

I would have thought once the upgrade had been carried out, checks would have been performed on potential errors/issues and if required them being handed over to someone else to investigate. I realise I could have upped the priority, yet in hindsight I didn't realise some of the matters was effecting the server and I would prefer to avoid opening multiple tickets because I feel this will delay things further and bog you guys down.

Once again, thanks for upgrading my site and I hope my feedback is helpful.

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Thanks for the feedback, Joey. I'm glad the upgrade went smoothly for you overall, it sounds like you may have some post-upgrade rebuilding going on which can slow things down a bit, but it's temporary. 

In regards to the upgrade request handling -- it's a bit touchy. Often upgrade requests will span multiple pages as we get disclaimers, answer questions, try to get appropriate access information, etc. Trying to sift through the breaking point of the upgrade and post-upgrade issues would really slow things down for everyone, so as part of the upgrade complete notification, we ask that you open new requests for anything post-upgrade. Further, as outside of priority support, upgrades are done as a courtesy and they're not usually dire, so they're handled at the bottom of the queue -- it would be an awfully slow method to obtain support. 

We don't mind you opening new tickets for different issues - in fact, we prefer it. It makes it much easier to organize. 

I see you got a ticket opened last night and we've already started addressing it this morning, so hopefully things will be on track for you soon. Thanks for your patience and again, your feedback. 

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@Lindy - I'm experiencing major issues where by my server is slowed down, support say this down to a missing block and I don't know why this could be because I haven't removed anything myself. In fact, it's been very slow for me, I did start to revert to IPS 4.1 templates but this was not much and since then it's just became worse.

I don't need any of the pages, I can start a fresh but I do need the article template (which seems to be where the issue is).

My own admin account is broken but this is not such a major concern for me right now because I can use a different one until that's resolved. The articles is more pressing, as it's destroying things for me and I am concerned.


I stayed up last night from 3am just in case I had a response to my ticket (just explaining).

I don't see what's gone wrong myself but I have no idea how to remove the blocks from that template and I'm scared to touch anything myself because I fear that may result in making this worse.

Thank you for your response.

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My site(s) spend more time down or in almost painstakingly slow loading.

The issue stems from the upgrade, I don't know why but I wished IPS would provide me with some feedback. I realise, some work has been carried out as EX Errors are disappearing - which I appreciate. Yet the slowness and overloading is a concern, I have spoken to my host and they inform me it's related to the site which was upgraded. Yet articles don't load, I am just told that a missing block is causing this but I don't know why or how to resolve it.

I'm effectively stuck in limbo seeking help of people whom aren't even related to my problem in anyway.

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