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Move % or $ amount of a Commerce sale to a Donation Goal


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This would be a really useful feature.

I don't know if Commerce should do this or MJ's Donation module.

If you could set a % or a $ amount from a Commerce purchase to be applied to a Donation goal it would be very helpful.

You don't actually have to do it with the money itself, just track the amount move the goal %.

Does that make sense?


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10 hours ago, Lindy said:

So you want to report the percentage of a sale as being applied to your donation goal?


Some of the shirts we sell are products and some are fund raisers. 

It would also be cool to able to set it globally for a period of time.  %5 of all sales go to Breast Cancer for the money of February. 

I think if people see the sale reflected immediately in the donation goal, it would have a big impact.






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