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Attachments Limits


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Is there any way to throttle size of attachment per file type? I other word I want to allow ZIP files up to 20 MB. Now I want to throttle back the attachments JPG, PNG and GIF to say 1 MB tops. So now my site is set up for 20 MB and now huge photos are soaking up server space when it should be set for only ZIP files. How to resolve this issue? :sad:

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I have a similar/related question.

Other Boards that I Admin (vBulletin and Xenforo) resize (file size) photos to my specs when uploading so these huge new phone and camera pics don't swallow up so much bandwidth and storage. FaceBook, Pinterest, eBay, etc. also reduce file size when uploaded.

These days, one post from a phone with 4 pics attached can easily be 12 MB.

Is this possible using IP 4?????

Users do not want to, or should they have to, resize photos to each Board's specs before uploading. They just want to start a topic (or reply), attach a few pics, and post.

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Ok. After some digging I'm finding the thumbnail is greatly reduced but the actually full scale image is stored on the forum. Is there a way to taper back or limit the max photo sizes?


The displayed photo in the post is greatly reduced but click on the photo and the full sized image is shown and checking its consuming the full 6.x MB



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