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All my toolbar icons are wrong


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I'm running the latest IPB v4.1 and all the toolbar icons are wrong, for example the Emoticon button opens the Code dialogue and the Hyperlink button aligns text right.

I've tried reuploading all the files, resetting the toolbar and installing a fresh theme but I can still not fix this issue. Any suggestions?


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Are you using a custom theme?

I had this issue with using a theme called Chameleon Dark that was for 4.1 and I was on IPB Unfortunately the theme release for the newest version was a day after and I didn't realise until too late and now I have too many customisations to roll back.

I had to add some code in to the theme css file, I can give it to you if you would like as it may be universal to if that is the version you are using but using a pre theme.

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