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  1. Check the URL on the .doc I reckon there is an issue there with it outputting an invalid URL.
  2. Hi @superj707 In your forms you need to specifically add the variables you want saved, either into a forum thread, PM, email or in the logs section itself. So for example if you want your logs to save the information entered, you would need to add something like this to the 'log message' for that specific form. {field_name_27}: {field_value_27} {field_name_28}: {field_value_28} {field_name_29}: {field_value_29} {field_name_30}: {field_value_30} {field_name_31}: {field_value_31} I generally have all my forms submit to a forum thread as I find that is easier to organise. But I also save some of the data in logs which I don't want displaying in forum threads. I do not believe this app functions as a 'database' like some people assume. It simply spits out the data from the form into the places you have set it. If you have not set it to record any of the field data in forum thread, pm or a log, then the data simply is lost (I think. Mike John will be able to speak more to this)
  3. Yeah this is the big one for me. Having it be it's own separate page is kind of annoying. even having the forms list as a widget would be good too, so it's not another page that is hard to customise.
  4. No. I'm not sure there is a way for paypal to differentiate what it sends through that gateway link thing. You might need to either create a separate paypal account that is only for the website members, or tell people to not directly donate outside of the website donations to your current address. It's not really a problem with the app, more a limitation of Paypal. You could try look around in your paypal settings to see if there is an option to only send the gateway info back to your site if the payee has originated from your website. But I doubt that is an option.
  5. It's under payment gateways. Check to make sure it's disabled.
  6. Have you disabled off line donations?
  7. There should be an example form already present called Contact Us or something similar. You can look at that to see how it all works.
  8. Awesome stuff @BomAle I look forward to those future features!
  9. Ah sorry, I guess I should report another bug Forms that post threads, the chatbox extender plugin does not recognise these as threads being posted. That is why I wanted the Forms thing working properly last week, because no notifications come up for Form posted threads.
  10. Hi BomAle, Unfortunately I use my logs as an admin only type thing (displays username, IP address, email address etc), so this change to directly view the logs is even worse for my site. I think I'm just going to edit the .xml file and remove the URL altogether from Forms posts. Thanks for the quick update though. Edit: Actually I can't even do that because I think it might remove URL's from all chatbox extender posts. I'm just going to downgrade back to 1.0.3
  11. Hi @BomAle One thing I have noticed with the Forms notifications, is that the link it provides in the chatbox doesn't seem to work unless you were the person that submitted the form. So for example someone else posted a form today, and the URL in the chatbox is 'www.mywebsite.com/forms/confirmation/628/' However when I try and view this link, it shows this. But if I am the person that submitted the form it will correctly redirect me to the forum thread it creates (as per the settings on my form to redirect after form submit) I know that the forms application doesn't work in such a way to give direct links to forum threads etc. So how would I go about fixing this? I would be happy with just removing the actual URL on the chatbox so it's more of a notification and not a direct link. Also a suggestion. Would it be possible to select it to grab the forum thread title that the form creates and display that in the chatbox instead of 'Form Name: Member Name' Because when someone posts multiples of the same form (which is the case for me when I post promotion forms for members), there is no way to differentiate who the form is for in the chatbox, as it displays my name. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have posted 2 promotion forms to promote 2 separate people, however it looks like I am promoting myself. Thanks, keep up the good work with the plugin!
  12. Works great with Forms addon. Thank you for the quick fix!
  13. The URL it's trying to grab for the image is adding on an extra section. What it outputs http://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/monthly_2016_11/IMG_0252.thumb.JPG.0bd4c717a91bfa769912fb845afbf277.JPG.f403bdf29e3bd2b78f84c637dbcacb1f.JPG What it should output http://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/monthly_2016_11/IMG_0252.thumb.JPG.0bd4c717a91bfa769912fb845afbf277.JPG Not really sure why it's doing that
  14. Hi @BomAle Found another bug. The Forms section in Chatbox Extender does not post anything to the chatbox if you manually select Specific forms. With the above forms selected, nothing posts in the chatbox when one of those Forms is posted. However it does work if you select the 'All Choose in which category enable the extender' Unfortunately this is not an option for me because I have some private forms which I do not want publicly displayed in the chatbox when someone submits them.
  15. Thanks mate! Love this Application and your awesome support.
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