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Moved server, can't upload

Square Wheels

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I moved to a VPS server yesterday, today users can't upload files.  If I paste a URL or copy and past an image, it works fine (I suspect those aren't actually uploaded).

If you use "choose files..." after you select the image / file it looks like it starts to upload, but when it get to the end it gives a popup saying " There was a problem uploading the file"

I modified the uploads folder and all sub-folders to 777, but I still get this error.

How can I get this to work, and are there other settings I need to look at after the move?


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You'll need shell access, which will have been supplied at the time of moving to the new server, if in doubt (which is looks like you may be) it would be best to speak with the support staff for the VPS server. 

However, if you log in via WinSCP (for example) go to the uploads folder and check the folder ownership.

If you own the folder, it will be look like this (the blank space will be your username) - if root, it will say root.


Have you checked the files and upload paths within the ACP

System / Files / Storage Settings / Configurations - it will be under File System: /home/"username"/public_html/uploads



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