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URL filter - Dont just unlink it - Block it


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Currently the URL whitelist/blacklist just unlinks any URLs that are in the list of banned URLs.

I appreciate it stops the link being clicked, crawled and functioning but it still viewable, if someone posts porn, spam whatever id much rather it didn't show up at all. Likewise if someone is self promoting an unlinked link is just as bad as a linked one. It wont function, but its still displayed on the website. If the purpose is simply to stop bots seeing them then isn't that what the nofollow feature does.

I would like to put forward the idea of blocking the post being made, with a warning message that the post contains banned links.

It also doesnt work in comments, just forum posts. But its listed under system > settings > posting. If it isnt global shouldnt the setting be in community? Better than that why wouldnt you make it global?

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I've always had to double up and add any urls I block to the profanity filter too so that the address isn't still visible. Would be nice if the blocked urls would be censored automatically or just give the user a notification that blocked urls are in their posts (and let them know which) so they have to remove it before the post even goes through.

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On 11/15/2015 at 5:27 AM, Lindy said:

Fair point. We'll look at this. 


On 11/16/2015 at 5:08 AM, Lindy said:

I'm told it's global and should work in comments, @DealTrakr - if that's not your experience, please log a support request so we can take a look. 

As for the suggestion at hand, we are exploring better solutions to URL blocking. 

I did submit a bug report, that never got addressed.



Further it seem it still just un-links content, so a porn url still gets through, its just not linked, which is kinda pointless.


Any ETA on when these might both be fixed, its important to my community as links are used a lot.

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