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changing the actual words in notification emails


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Hi there.  I think this is probably a stupid question, but I just . . . can't . . . find . . . it . . . nor can I find any instructions anyplace.

I want to change some of the words in some of the emails sent for various things.  If I go to Customization > Emails > I see that I can change the templates used for the emails.  But meanwhile, I don't see where I could change the actual wording of the emails.  Not how they're formatted, just some of the words within.  

Surely we are allowed to do that?  What am I missing?


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The email templates contain language strings rather than hard-coded text, so that people with sites in various languages can send out depending on the user's language. So what you need to do is change the language strings, which is equivalent to translating text, except you're doing it for English. You do this at Customization > Languages > click on the globe icon.

You'll find out what strings to change from the templates. For example, in the email for notifying about a quote, I can see "email_quoted_you_plain", which is a language string. If I search for that using the translation tool, I'll see the English sentence to which it corresponds. In this case, it's "%s quoted one of your posts in %s.", and I might want to customise that too "%s thought your post was really cool and quoted it in %s."

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