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4.1.2 Image upload failed

Andy King

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Since the 4.1.2 upgrade I've not been able to post images. The settings are unchanged for storage, and the images are still appearing on amazons3.

But the board is doing this: 

Uploaded Images

Upload Failed

2015-11-03 20.59.34.jpg

2.4 mb · Upload Failed

AND this: 

" There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Operation timed out after 4262 milliseconds with 0 out of 1301145 bytes received" in an alert box...

Has anyone else experienced any change like this since 4.1.2? It was fine on 4.1.1 I'm pretty sure..


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Yeah I was told this was fixed yesterday, so i moved from IPB hosting back to my amazon S3, and it got stuck again doing the move, and my communities images fell over.

Here's a video link of what happens:

Looks like it snarls the URL's up too. So I've raised another ticket. Will keep you updated fellow S3 users..


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Interestingly.... the images do upload... if we look at the source of a members failed image post...

    <a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="//mk2cavs3.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/monthly_2015_11/DSC_0488.JPG.b04ee583aa15b1122224bb1c14c2ac6d.JPG" rel="external nofollow"><img alt="DSC_0488.thumb.JPG.7d1f1a383559dfdd0bc27" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="140" src="http://www.mk2cav.com/uploads/monthly_2015_11/DSC_0488.thumb.JPG.7d1f1a383559dfdd0bc27a5c20a195e7.JPG"></a>

So breaking that out:

This url resolves the image: href="//mk2cavs3.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/monthly_2015_11/DSC_0488.JPG.b04ee583aa15b1122224bb1c14c2ac6d.JPG

But this url...  http://www.mk2cav.com/uploads/monthly_2015_11/DSC_0488.thumb.JPG.7d1f1a383559dfdd0bc27a5c20a195e7.JPG 

That is never going to resolve surely? It's pointing back to my domain, not out to amazon? Removing the domain forward and changing to " //mk2cavs3.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ " (obviously) fixes this aspect of the problem... so it's domain / url related since the upgrade?

Doesn't fix the above jammed / crashed / stalled move in the ACP - but indicative the board is screwing up how it resolves EXTERNAL images. through it's S3 integration....


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On 11/19/2015, 9:44:24, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

I have the same issue. Seems like the editor don't like filenames like  2015-07-02 19.30.23.jpg Any solution yet?

Nope// escalated to third level. Has basically killed posts on my board, hope someone is on it! Will keep you updated!

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On 16.11.2015, 00:16:03, Andy King said:

Here is a video of the problem. Now escalated. It is simply that when you select S3 storage in Admin CP, the board code does not change the thumbnail or IMG URLs to reflect it!



Not only a problem while using S3 ... can't upload pictures from my mobile devices too - but I'm using internal storage.

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On 11/20/2015 at 10:36 AM, Admonstrator said:

Not only a problem while using S3 ... can't upload pictures from my mobile devices too - but I'm using internal storage.

We're having the same issue. Local storage. Upload from Chrome browser on a desktop/laptop, it works fine.  Upload from a mobile (using iphone), it fails.

You or anyone else have any idea what's causing it, or an ETA on when it's might be fixed?  We're on

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