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External Database Logins


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I know this has been asked out...but I'm apparently missing something when trying to work on external logins.

I have a WordPress page, and I simply want it and IPS to share accounts (not necessarily login everyone at one).

I believe I have everything configured appropriately in the ACP, the MySQL data, etc.  Actually, I've verified that IPS is seeing the users in the WP table (WP and IPS share the same database).  However, when the combination of username and password is supplied that has been given by WordPress (this is for a new user since the DB data's been shared), it indicates that the username and password is incorrect.

Is there another step that I'm missing?  I looked at the Login handlers page, and - I don't know if I'm just super tired or what - but I couldn't understand any of it.  It didn't really even mention the External settings.  So I'm wondering if I even needed to pay any attention to it.  I also searched the forum and didn't find any actual answers to this question (though again, being tired I may not have seen what I needed to see).

Thanks folks!

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Oh, it also occurs to me I should mention that I'm using 4.1.2.  I have just updated my php and MySQL versions to the latest Edge releases too, so they should be up to date.

Looking in phpMyAdmin, it seems that WordPress has a prefix of it's MD5 passwords of $P$B - as it's a uniform prefix that occurs at the beginning of each string.  I would suspect this might be the reason, as those do not seem to be part of the MD5 hash.  Is there a way for me to tell IPB that it needs to manually add the $P$B prefix to the MD5 hash?

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