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IPS Forum Reward System and Reputation System!


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Im just going to go all out and flesh out a system i would like and see if it happens or not. You never Know! I think it would add tons of value to the software so here goes.

HOW IT IS NOW: Reputation! You get it when someone likes you Post or You Lose it when someone Hates your Post!


  • Addition 1: When a user is warned they lose a reputation point: A System Message Appears to notify (THIS DISCOURAGES GUIDELINES ABUSE)
  • Addition 2: When a user reports a post that breaks tos or guidelines, IF the post is moderated and results in a warning the reporters should gain a reputation point.(THIS ENCOURAGES USERS TO HELP MODERATE A FORUM, BY PLAYING ON NARCISSISTIC TENDENCIES, MAY SOUND A LITTLE MEH BUT IT WORKS! EVERYONE WANTS REP!)
  • Addition 3: Users could purchase things like subscriptions or an avatar using reputation as a currency.
  • Addition 4: I would like to have a limit on the amount of rep a user can give another user in a given day. SO if lets say i can give 10 rep a day, but i limit it to 3 per user. Because as it is i see some users giving all 10 to 1 person and its basically abuse. Would be great if you could remedy this.

And thats it really! that is what i would like to see, especially additions 1&2&4! Anyone have anything to add or say about this.

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I'd like to see (4) in that it may stop 'reputation seekers' . By this I mean you should be limited to x per person per hour/day (as well as the already present global limit) or expanding it further possibly you have to give a like/reputation to another user before you can give it to someone you already have with x hours.

Something to think about anyway. :)

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