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Topic "gone" and no hidden content - how to restore?

Andy King

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Hi there.

Long time SMF user, 2 week IPB admin user. But i love it, and trying not to be an excitable puppy about all this new functionality!

Anyway.. new IPB install, but loads of existing data from a 10 year old board. But now the odd topic is disappearing and the thread that went last night was 30+ pages long.


1st: Noob question - When a topic is deleted removed (by system or application or user) where does it go? On my board (4.1) Mod cp I can go to hidden content, and there is nothing there. 

2nd: If not there, it might hopefully be in the DB still - how to I get it back? Ticket time to the great team at IPB (and on here) if not I guess?


The board install itself is pretty vanilla, with only the awesome "collections" (used for garage) and "video" 3rd party apps. If an app deletes content is it treated the same way?

I'm really hoping it's not impossible to have a stable community with these as it's make or break for our little car site, and at the moment it's more break than make!

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Deleted and hidden are two different things. You can allow users and mods to do both or either of these things, but deleted content is gone forever (though you might be right, it might still be possible to un-delete it via direct database access). Hidden content can be seen by certain users/groups depending on how you set up permissions, and can be 'un-hidden'.

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