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Upgrade from to 4.1.0

Ryan Boyd

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Hello guys,

It's kinda confusing if we can upgrade or not, can we now upgrade from to 4.1.0 Beta according to this topic?

And if we upgrade to 4.1.0 Beta, will we become able to proceed with later upgrades?

Because it says: 

This is a pre-release version which is not ready for use on a live site. Only continue if you are happy to participate in testing pre-release software, and do not attempt to install it on a live site. It will NOT BE POSSIBLE to upgrade between this release and the final version. Technical support is not available for pre-release versions.


I need a confirmation that we can now proceed and upgrade.


Thank you


Best regards


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4 minutes ago, TheSonic said:

You are able to upgrade to 4.1 Final after its release.

There is no guarantee to upgrade a 4.1 Beta to another Beta or 4.1 Final. So do not update your Live-Installation to a 4.1 Beta for now.


That's the answer I was looking for.

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