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[Nexus] Streamlining checkouts


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Two suggestions: first, I'd love for the Billing Address page to be an excludable step via the ACP. We don't use it, and for privacy and security reasons don't really want to store it in our database.

Second: Nexus has a really slick system for moving users to a secondary group when they purchase a product, and in fact as far as I know this is the only Invision-supported method for a user to essentially add themselves to a secondary group. We have some optional features controlled via secondary group and in 3.4 we had to purchase a (not terrifically stable or reliable) 3rd-party mod to enable members to add themselves to those groups. In 4.x I was thinking of adding a no-cost product to Nexus that did the same thing, but it's awkward when they go to check out because the system still wants to go through the whole payment process. How about detecting when the total in their cart is $0 and just bypassing those steps?

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