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IPS apps on Version 4

Izaya Orihara

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I want to  make sure I understand it...We can now buy the individual apps separately such as IP chat and use them as standalones can't we on Version 4?

I have a new project/idea and IP Chat has mostly been reliable for us so i'd like to use it for the new project but I want to make sure it is possible that we can use apps on a standalone basis without needing the forum anymore? I think we can but it never hurts to verify.

Also if we can...how does it work exactly when it comes time to do member management such as banning users and applying admin/moderator roles? Is there still an ACP if you just buy IP chat?

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3 minutes ago, Izaya Orihara said:

Thought so. And with that, will I still have an admin panel(and usergroups) with IP chat?

Yes the AdminCP, user profiles, and other global areas are part of the Core which is required to make anything work :) 

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