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Use page as Homepage

Ivo Pereira

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Currently these are my URLs:

Forums: http://forum.mygame.pt/
Portal (should be the homepage at root): http://forum.mygame.pt/portal

I would be more than satisfied by having the following:

Forums: http://forum.mygame.pt/forums
Portal: http://forum.mygame.pt

However, in a fantastic way it would be great to be able to access the homepage in a different subdomain like:

Portal: http://www.mygame.pt
Forums: http://forum.mygame.pt

Is there anyway to achieve what I am looking for?



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From previous posts I've seen on this topic. I don't believe you can achieve what you are after with switching subdomains. What @linkmat as linked to will work on a folder level.

So this one should work:

26 minutes ago, Ivo Pereira said:

I don't think this one will: 

29 minutes ago, Ivo Pereira said:

Best of luck.

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Hmm, following that tutorial in the step where I should go to Admin CP and change the "Advanced Settings" on "Pages" gives me this error:


You must configure Pages to use a different gateway script. See our documentation here.

It doesn't even let me enter the Admin CP. That message shows up front.

I am using an Nginx setup, and the rules were something like:

forum.mygame.pt -> /var/www/mygame.pt/forum
mygame.pt - just an htaccess that was redirecting to forum.mygame.pt

From what I've understood from the tutorial, my mygame.pt should be now pointing to /var/www/mygame.pt, to an index_rename.php (changed to index.php), and with the PATH_TO_SUITE constant declared to './forum' (in my case of course).

Apart of that, if I don't change anything in the conf_global, accessing mygame.pt would give me an infinite loop, trying to redirect to forum.mygame.pt, because it is what's defined in the conf_global to be the board_url. If I do change the board_url to http://mygame.pt, it starts another infinite loop.

Any ideas? What would be the best approach here since I've never used forums inside a folder?

@linkmat @Tom S.

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11 hours ago, linkmat said:

i know it is possible

in the way ur forum is in forum.yoursite.com

and u want put ur portal in yoursite.com

like this one :)  u just need to work with the tutorial ...


If a subdomain for forum (as in forum.mygame.pt) then it will not work as have tried repeatedly to get this resolved with IPS and told cannot be done in IPB 4

The tutorial you are referring to will work if using a folder and not sub domain (as in: mygame.pl/forum)

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1 hour ago, Ivo Pereira said:

Really bad to hear that @steve00. How did you solve it in your situation?

I'm trying to avoid moving the forums to a subfolder, otherwise I would be risking to be very penalized in SEO.

That's what I mentioned to IPs but nothing ever came of it so will not be upgrading to IPB 4 unless can create my own index page with whatever want on it then upgrade everything else but not Pages (no point in upgrading pages if not going to use it) if cannot come up with an index page I like then will stay with IPB 3.4.x and not upgrade at all.

Seems I was the only one who asked about it and so IPS likely thought not a priority.

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