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Ocean West

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Is it possible for the system to some how mix up the cached content from one user to another user?


I noticed something odd when beginning to compose a private message here.

The message had content. Content that I did not write. Content from somebody who has never sent me a PM.

I know you have had various technical problems with this forum. But if one of the problems is that draft messages from one person end up belonging to somebody else; well, I thought you would want to know that.


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2 hours ago, Netherlord said:

not sure if its related but i have found unpublished editor content on google for my site as well.

Even better yet?  If you look at your error logs and adjust their settings for files not found you will  get a surprise...  All the bots of the world have found topics in our private areas for admins and mods only.  IPS said...  Heh hehh,  Bots are quite advanced these days.  No big deal, they can't read the posts, just the topic names.  (This never happened with 3.34.)

2 hours ago, Ocean West said:

Is it possible for the system to some how mix up the cached content from one user to another user?


Very possible if you read this...

I had pictures from one account bouncing around from one account to the next.  For example, admin logged in as a member having issues.  Added a picture to their post to test something,  Then logged out.  Then the admin logged into their regular account and the picture was stuck and kept adding itself to every edited post even if deleted.  Logged out and in as another user, and the pic was there for them also.  So they fixed this and the fix has left my admins logged in for days after they logged out,  So after I reported this new session issue that was the result of their fix, what did they do?  Marked the ticket resolved and left me in a dangerous bind.  Told me to open a new ticket (which will take days for a response.)

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