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Can't change license URL

Ken Johnson

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First off, I realize that this isn't 'really' the area to post this. I've made a support ticket already, but I need this issue fixed ASAP so if you guys can come up with a fix, that'd be wonderful. I'm having issues changing the URL to my new website.


Let me give you some information. I have an installation of v3 on the root domain of http://vencillio.com/
I installed IPB 4 on http://vencillio.com/ipb4/ so I could mess around with v4.


I'm now to the point where I'd like to use that second license on an actual site. I've deleted the sql database completely and all the files that had an affect on the v4 site, but when I click the reset URL link, it's telling me that there's an existing IP.Board installation.

Any ideas? I really need this issue fixed ASAP since v4 doesn't allow you to install without a license.

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I just now fixed the issue. I have two licenses, but what I learned is that the system thought there was an installation at /ipb4/ since I've set IP.Content as my homepage. Once I temporarily disabled IP.Content as the default application, it allowed me to change the URL.

Thank you for the information about testinstall. I never knew that! I'll definitely use that in the future.


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