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Use same editing method for themes with Pages

Tom S.

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To sum up, I dislike working in the Pages area and like working in the themes area because of one reason. When saving your work in themes it does it all very smoothly without reloading the page. However, when saving a file in the Pages app, it reloads the page and takes you back to the 'details' section. So this means every time I have to click back on the 'content' tab and then find the position I was last working on. This can get very tiresome when working on files with large amounts of code.

If the "fluid" saving style of themes isn't possible for files in Pages for some technical reason, then at least have it so when someone clicks on 'Save and reload' it reloads it to the tab you were last on. (and even better takes you to where you were scrolled to).

Then to put the icing on the cake. Have the navigation system in pages work the same as in themes. It's actually a nightmare right now navigating through all the folders and pages I have... 

Edit: Oh, and also. Why is the editing box so ridiculously small in Pages. While in themes it's a reasonable size. 

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