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Google App Engine to Host Invision Power Community?

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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has managed to get Invision Power to run successfully on Google App Engine PHP Runtime Environment?


It is my understanding that you cannot write directly to Google App Engine environment, so in order to save files etc.. You would need to leverage Google Cloud Storage.

Why do I want to use Google App Engine?

1. Scalability

2. Speed

3. Cheaper than my current host

4. Improved security ability to lock out admin section of site to specific users.

5. Works as a CDN, if 1 data center goes down your site is replicated on other servers.

I've seen that Wordpress and Drupal can be run on App Engine but may be easier to do with plugins to help manage how files are read / written to Cloud Storage etc.?

I know that Invision Power offers it's own hosting etc.. But I have more than 1 website I want to host and manage and would rather do it all via 1 plan and pay based on what I currently use/need than what I might need in future.

If anyone is doing this I'd love to hear from you!


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