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Content Distribution Network (CDN) & IP Board

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Hi -

Sorry to do this ... but with the IPS search limitations herein, I can't search for topics that discuss CDN's (Content Distribution Networks).

We host with Media Temple DV (a variation of a VPS), and they just announced their new TrueSpeed CDN.  In view of the slow load times of 4.0, would a CDN like Media Temples be helpful in making our board load faster?  I'm kind of confused between the static and dynamic and seems like a lot of IP 4.0 is really dynamic.



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It'll not speed up the basic function of the software - eg if it's the querying of the database or the underlying code slowing it up then a cdn won't make a difference. All the cdn will do is cache your static files (such as images, js files, css etc) nearer to your users. 

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