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CJ Menu not working

Josh Thorburne

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So i have a theme installed made by IPBFocus.com and for some reason the CJ Menu is not taking over when I installed it. It works if its on the default IPB theme given how would I make it work on this new theme?

It will not work because the theme been changed to the Hook items need for CJ Menu is not there its not question the App not working the problem is the Theme been changed not to work with Hooks, i seen this so many items and to the owner the themes looks how fix this issue you will have the problem.

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Ok How would i fix it for Desktop and PC?



<nav class='navAlign ipsClearfix' id='elSearchNavContainer' data-controller='core.front.core.navBar'>

replace with

<nav class='ipsLayout_container navAlign' id=' elSearchNavContainer' data-controller='core.front.core.navBar'>

if have issue please post here with result but that should fix the CJ Menu to work as needs ipsLayout_container to work.

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