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Migration vb4 to IP4 - Can you support me a little bit :)


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Hello Community,

I want to migrate my german forum, based on vb 4.2.2 to IPB 4.0.12, and move to a new server. I would be totally nice if you can help me in some steps in a private community discussion. I dont want to discuss in a public forum. Any help is very welcome.

So, what is the current status?

* New Server is installed, with Plesk 12.x (is is a managed vps)

* IPB version 4 ist installed under devipb.domain.tld and working

* IPB version 3 is installed under devip3.domain.tld and working, converter has been installed

With MySQL-Workbench I did an export of vbulletin-db. its about 2GB, 700 MB as a zip. I transfered this file per FTP in the first step locally to my pc, and then to the new server. I tried to import it via phpmyadmin, but after a 1,5 h (this should be the exactly transfer time) I got an error message.

Another problem is, I cant activate ssh on the server (putty-access)

I have some basic it-skills, but everything on this list was done by myself, and it quite some fun for me. I want to understand these things on my server, so I can help myself later.

Any help is appreciated. Please contact via PN.




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