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Taxes and countries/states?


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I finally got around to setting up a new forum, I was planning on setting up for a while already, and started doing this straight in 4.x ( to be exact; this was just before 4.0.11 became available).

Once more or less set up, I started adding premium member groups. And ran into a problem.

I may be overlooking this completely, and also searched here like crazy, but I cannot find a place where to set countries and/or states anywhere per tax rule.
Where is this hidden?

If it is not hidden, but removed from 4.x, we have a big problem, not only for this new site, but also for my two other sites, one of which is really large, and has a very large international presence (visitors and members from 193 countries worldwide). According to tax legislation in the EU, where we reside, you have to show the full price, including VAT and/or taxes, in one's store, and with a site selling internationally, this no longer is possible, while this was perfectly possible in 4.4.x (and before). Also, of late, more and more non-EU sites have started charging VAT to EU customers, due to new tax legislation and agreements between the EU and other countries, including the USA. This means that even US companies selling to the EU are now affected as well. As I expect this option to be available, I do hope I just have not been able to find this option.

Can anybody tell me where to find this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards, Wim

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oh god it all sounds like a nightmare


Quiet normal over here; we're used to it already. My domain registrar and a software house I use for a specific piece of server software, both located and registered as companies in the USA, no branch in the EU at all, start charging VAT as per September 1, unless you have a valid(ated) tax number and registered company.

Kind regards, Wim

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Setting tax rates and assigning countries: ACP → Commerce → Settings → Tax Rates → Rates

Then assign the tax rate per product in the product settings under “Pricing”.

Thanks Ralf!

Found it now, phew! Somehow I missed the Rates tab. I think it only gets added after creating the general tax rate in the Settings Tab itself, which is where I was looking for it immediately after creating it.

Kind regards, Wim

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Hi Ralf,

I have added the countries and regions for VAT, but there are quite a few areas/regions missing in the country selection list which do not have the same VAT rates as the "mother" country, or have no VAT at all.

The list of countries/regions which need to be added because of VAT differences with the country they belong to, are the following:

Country Region
CyprusAkrotiri and Dhekelia
GreeceAegean Islands of Thassos
GreeceMount Athos
GreeceNorthern Sporades
GreeceSamothrace and Skiros
ItalyCampione d'Italia
ItalyLake Lugano
SpainBalearic Islands
SpainCanary Islands
UK, The Channel IslandsAlderney
UK, The Channel IslandsSark and Herm

Could you or any of the developers please add those?

Thank you very much in advance.

 Kind regards, WIm


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